Welcome to My Small Store

Welcome to My Small Store! I'm quite excited to see you here.

Why in the world did I start to sell online? There are so many big stores already - Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and all the other major players. 

One day I wanted to offer a nice designer bag to my lovely wife and I was a bit stunt by the prices:

  • Amazon $135 free shipping for prime members
  • eBay $155 free shipping
  • Jet.com $140 free shipping
  • The Hut $125 but $19 shipping
  • etc.

I investigated and realized that I could get one for $125 if I had my own store - meaning, I could sell it @ $125 with FREE shipping and save people money, headaches wasting time looking for the best deal. 

I did, I created My Small Store and I purchase luxury products to resell like my wife's new Versace handbag (now out of stock but more coming soon).  

That wasn't difficult and it's even fun, I quite enjoy communicating with potential and customers. 

If you want a specific brand, big or independant, let me know I'll go hunting for it.

If you know a local designer who need to sell more, contact me or use the FB messenger at the bottom of this page. I can help.

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