Miracle Babies, I think it's when against all probabilities, you get a baby.

For example you try for years, take expensive meds and vitamins but nothing. You start expensive IVF processes, one, two, three then you give up. Broke, all credit cards maxed out and one or more unsecured loans to payback.

Hope is gone :(

One day you wake up, sick, vomiting, not good at all. You go to the doctor office to be told - these symptoms are  normal when you're  pregnant.

Months later, here he/she is. your own Miracle Baby.


Congratulation to you!

My Small Store wants to congratulate you personally.

Every week our staff will review requests and select one lucky parent to receive a cute Baby Miracle onesie plus a complete Bambini Layette set that include everything you need (onesies, short and long sleeves, burping clothes, receiving blankets, bibs  etc. etc.) - All this absolutely FREE!

Bambini products are all 100% soft breathable cotton, pastel colors (no harsh chemical dies) our staff considers Bambini one of the best baby clothing brand.

Fill the form below knowing that we will not share any information or stories. If you win we will use your name and address for shipping purpose.

You read right, strictly no sharing, selling any of the information you give us.

Fill the form below, tell us your Miracle Baby or Babies story.