Lemongrass Essential Oil - 100% Pure15ml

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Our lemongrass essential oil is steam-distilled from leaves grown in India. Cymbopogon Flexuosus is a cousin of Citronella and is cultivated throughout Asia for its potent scent. It is used in cuisine and medicinal preparations throughout the world. 

Did you know that many types of research are conducted about Lemongrass? My favorite: The use of lemongrass extracts as antimicrobial and food additive potential in yogurt.  But, also for paper making, composite making, agricultural insect repellent, bioenergy, etc. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Common Uses of the Lemongrass Essential Oil:

Lemongrass is a potent astringent, and is great for facial toners or applied to oily skin. Aromatically, lemongrass is great at lifting the spirits and focusing the mind. Like its cousin citronella, lemongrass can keep insects at bay. Diffuse, apply through spray mist with water, or apply in 2-5% dilution.

Aromatic Scent:

Lemongrass Essential Oil has a fresh earthy, citrusy scent.


Avoid glaucoma and with children. Use caution in prostatic hyperplasia and with skin hypersensitivity or damaged skin. Avoid use during pregnancy. Note: It is recommended that this Lemongrass essential oil always be stored in dark amber, blue or green glass bottles since it has been found to dissolve aluminum bottles.

Lemongrass Essential Oil Specifications:

  • 5ml bottle - but very little is needed per use
  • Pure quality oil from distillation, no chemical process
  • 100% Lemongrass oil - no other oil
  • Free Shipping
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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