RAW Face Oil

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This amazing RAW Face Oil is specially made for morning use after washing your face and at night after washing your face too. If you wash your face more frequently then carry this around in your purse to use during the day at any time.

With frequent use, this RAW Face Oil shall last you 2 to 3 months or even more!

If you have an oily face use 3 drops per application. If you have a dry face use 5 to 6 drops per application. Suitable for oily, combination, and dry skin. After a minute or two you won't even notice it's there.

Ingredients: Macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil extract, grapefruit seed extract, tocopherols.

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How is this RAW Face Oil made?

RAW Face Oil is made with unrefined organic ingredients. We always use cold-pressed oils. During production, the ingredients are mixed cold to preserve the integrity of each ingredient. We meet the highest industry standards. For our labels, we use 100% recycled paper and our package is made from crystal so no chemicals leach into the product. Our products are 100% vegan. We don't test on animals and are free from harsh chemicals.  Our formula is simple yet functional. For your skincare needs, we have the right solution.

RAW Face Oil

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