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This exotic Anti-Aging Exotic Facial Oilblend works to protect the skin from environmental pollution and improve the skin’s overall hydration. Powerful minerals, vitamins and nutrients work together to support a youthful, rejuvenated complexion that glows naturally.

Cranberry oil, Grapeseed oil and Pumpkin Seed oil work together to penetrate skin cells and deliver complexion-boosting nutrients. Borage Seed Oil, rich in Omega fatty acid, helps to improve skin’s suppleness and elasticity. Jojoba oil helps to mimic the skin’s natural oil production and locks in moisture all day.

Together, the oils in our Anti-Aging Exotic Facial Oil deliver everything the skin needs to restore balance, giving your appearance a supple, radiant look and feel.

Anti-Aging Exotic Facial Oil Specifications:

  • Made from cranberry oil, grapeseed oil and pumpkin seed oil.
  • Helps with the skin suppleness and elasticity.

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