Tangerine Essential Oil - 100% Pure 15ml

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Enjoy Tangerine essential oil scents like the tangy, sweet aroma that comes from the tangerine fruit. Cold-pressed from the fruit of the Citrus Reticulata tree, Tangerine oil contains antioxidants and can be used in a variety of recipes for its flavor. With a fresh scent and many uses, this is a significant essential oil to have in your collection.

According to genetic examinations, the mandarin (Citrus Reticulata) was one of the original citrus species; through breeding or natural hybridization, it is the ancestor of many hybrid citrus cultivars. With the citron and pomelo, it is the ancestor of the most commercially important hybrids (such as sweet and sour oranges, grapefruit, and many lemons and limes). The mandarin has also been hybridized with other citrus varieties, such as the desert lime and the kumquat. Though the old mandarin was bitter, most commercial mandarin strains derive from hybridization with pomelo, which gave them a sweet fruit. 

Tangerine Essential Oil

Wild Tangerine Tree in Crete 

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